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January 6th, 2006 (04:12 am)
current song: the honorary title - cut short

and this one was by far one of the greatest things of all time. i saw brandon tonight. and he was with his little sister and her friends (ONE WAS A BOY! hahaha he was basically a chap to whatever date/ "group hang" his sister was involved in) and i spotted him and waved, he waved, had a look of death on his face and then...almost to embarass my friends more so than brandon, i yelled across the store "HEY! REMEMBER WHEN WE DATED?!?" which created a stir amongst all 5 of the 5th graders. maybe 6th graders. im not sure. regardless, it was hilarious to watch the reactions. then afterwards, when we figured out the oc wasnt on, we hung out with brandon for a while longer tonight. my friends never really met him up until this point. and most of my friends now <i>still</i> havent met him but sarah and elizabeth did, and said he was a keeper. which i think at that point we both laughed and told her about how our moms wanted us to get married and shit of that sort. and that pretty much ended the 'keeper' discussion. but it was nice seeing him. and i hope his sister doesnt end up ridic slutty or something. thatd be hilarious though.

i think it must be colder outside right now becuase my toes are frrrreezing. which means instead of it being like 75 or 80 degrees oustide, its probably down to like 50 something. which is still pretty damn warm for a day in january. but i remember like last year during winter break it actually 'snowed' a bit. and that was really enjoyable. i love when it snows/sleets/any sort of winter weather. but that is so far out of the picture this year its not even worth discussing.

its like 4:30 now. and i think im going to try to sleep. or read. or something that gets me away from the computer. becuase im thinking too much now. about nothing which ive typed above, which is in itself hilarious to me. but yeah. i have a feeling come tomorrow morning i'll type out a lot of stuff im thinking about that really doesnt have to do with any of the aforementioned dude or weather.



Posted by: alive_with_love (alive_with_love)
Posted at: January 6th, 2006 09:47 pm (UTC)

It is getting cooler. I enjoy it.
Sort of like I enjoyed your story. OHHHHHHHHH.

Posted by: (thisisnotforme7)
Posted at: January 7th, 2006 10:03 am (UTC)

sort of.

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