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mmm new layout. and new other journal. but sometimes old is good.

January 27th, 2006 (01:16 am)

i rather like this layout.


bye bye.

why is the weather so damn beautiful?!

January 11th, 2006 (01:46 pm)
current mood: sort of, well, pretty good.
current song: tone loc- wild thing... or not. or maybe its northstar.

like holy crap. today is such a georgous day! i wish i was just sitting outside and soaking up the...sun (what? sheryl crow? you bet.) but it really is so nice. i bet its not over 70 and completely clear skies! gah! i love this sort of weather. its funny thought because my dad and i went up to the club earlier and we saw people on the range and teeing off that were wearing like sweaters and this one dude was wearing corduroy pants. hahah come onnnn people! thats why texas is funny though, i guess.
i feel like such a complete fatass right now. i just ate quiznos for lunch and omg that was so good. good call dad. (today was like fathers day out, if you didnt guess it already.) ((speaking of days out... remember in like elementry school when there were those 'take your child to work' days?? those were so awesome! i went to enron once, and got lots of free crap. i still have that. this is so besides the point. but thats okay. but yeah...shouldnt high school kids have those type of days? because itd make a lot more sense--i mean, think about it..or not. whatevs)) speaking of whatevs- thats a whole other story.. but yeah anyways lunch was delish. and then we went to wal-mart where my dad bought one of those symphony bars. which was good. another reason i feel like a complete fatass is becuase between my dad and i, after the sandwich, put away like half of that bar. grossss. but good. mostly gross though.
then we came home and i think hes about to go finally put the leaves i raked up into a garbage can. or something. i actually like raking leaves. in some weird way its fun. as long as i have my mp3 player. it doesnt bother me at all. it sort of takes my mind off things, where i can focus on one thing at a time. or something like that. i might go out there, but i feel so lazy. i want to take a nap so so so bad but i want to actually try to go to sleep at a somewhat normal time so i can wake up tomorrow morning and be, well, somewhat effective. i hate when i sleep days away. the night time is so boring. i mean, if you've seen one night, you've seen them all. but in the daytime its much more interesting. oh well.
tonight i think i am going to dinner with jackie, stephanie, sara...maybe paul, shawana, jessica...i dont know who else would go. we might go to jasper's i think. which is ridiculous. and i think i have actually mentioned this in a post before, ironically enough, as one place i would never pay to eat at. not because its disgusting or anything, but its this 'swanky' (yeah. it said swanky in the paper's review of jasper's) little restraunt in market square. its fairly new. across 'central park' from TB's. ugh market square. i hate thee. anyways it says its like 'backyard cooking' or something along those same incrediably lame lines. but, and now im not sure but i assume, it is overpriced and not like any backyard cooking i have ever had. regardless, the company will make up for it. i probably wont eat anyways. i hate going out with friends and doing that sort of shit. aka-i dont know exactly what i mean. but mostly having to go out and feel like its some sort of competition of who can get the best meal. or who spends the most. where as i dont mind paying for meals and crap but i dont like to go and be like "YES! I PAID 25 DOLLARS FOR A FUCKING BURGER! YESSS! I WIN!" becuase to be honest, i dont care.
that made like NO sense whatsoever. but yeah. anyways i think im going to try to find an mp3 player thats charged and then go outside and not worry, and be happy.

who's full of lame-ass lyrics? oh it must be,

(no subject)

January 10th, 2006 (05:10 pm)
current song: e11 something that produces results

Things I Want To Accomplish This Week:

1. See lots of friends before they go back to school
2. Have lunch at Oak Ridge w/ mis amigos that i miss SOOO much.
3. Go into town and have lunch with my uncle at some nice little thing in Rice Village.
4. This weekend have one day where I--go into town with some friends, go to the Galleria, go to the waterwall, go around the village and maybe drift into West U, take pictures, etc etc.

Now, lets make magic happen.

hey! hey! life with no phone rox!...sarcasm...

January 9th, 2006 (04:03 pm)
current song: hot cocoa...mmmm. thats not music. whatever.

i don't feel like being dumb and giddy about things so lets lay down the facts of life (today):

1. i have a weird hair-cut now
2. my dad is pissed to almighty hell becuase i didn't tell them i didnt like the haircut...wtf i dont know...
3. my phone is broken. so call, leave a voice mail or something, especially leave your numbers. JUST IN CASE. im really hoping its not bad or anything and...
becauseiletyou: i really hope my phone is okay
alive with love: it isssssssssss
becauseiletyou: okay
becauseiletyou: if its not, ill cry like a bitch whale.
alive with love: hahahahahahahahaha
becauseiletyou: and blame you for every shitty thing that has ever happened to me
alive with love: alksdjfiajw

so lets talk about one thing: television and the shitty shows i love.
(i typed that sentence like. whenever ago. it is now 11:43 pm and have other things on my mind.)

so my phone is HEALED! i am so excited. and happy. and glad. and all that crap.

i have also recently returned from a completely unexpected 'mars-hall' adventure. it started off when him, sarah, and vaughn came over to leave off flyers for tomorrow night's show. then we talked outside for a long while. something was said, marshall acted like he was leaving, went around the block or something while vaughn, sarah, and i walked down to cul de sac and marshall came back. somehow ended up with us riding on the roof/hood/etc of the car and then jumping in after a while. but when i figured i would go home, oh no, we ended up at market street listening to something and riding around the parking garage. then back at marshall's house. where we watched family guy. i honestly think marshall's mom is glorious. she makes me smile. and makes good fudge. anyways we hung around there, sarah and i got on myspace, you know how it goes, then i came homeee. important note, marshall's breaks are complete crap. slamming on the breaks does absolutely nothing that you would expect. heather--remember when we were driving around those few times, and the wheel was jerking becuase of us slowly moving off road...well...you'd be glad to know the wheel is really hard to turn also. so thats comforting. also the speedometer doesnt work. at all. we're always going nowhere.

anyways, regardless, it was fun. i enjoy their company.

tomorrow night there is a show at rayford rd comm center
-The angelus
-This will destroy you
-Mechanical Boy
-Fulton Read

its $6 and starts at 7.
JENNY, HEATHER, AND DUSTIN i especially want to see you guys there. cmon' now. you know it'll be fun.

now im going to go watch a disc of the oc. and probably end up writing more in here laterrr. cause im that cool.


January 6th, 2006 (04:12 am)
current song: the honorary title - cut short

i live to create awkward moments.Collapse )

i think it must be colder outside right now becuase my toes are frrrreezing. which means instead of it being like 75 or 80 degrees oustide, its probably down to like 50 something. which is still pretty damn warm for a day in january. but i remember like last year during winter break it actually 'snowed' a bit. and that was really enjoyable. i love when it snows/sleets/any sort of winter weather. but that is so far out of the picture this year its not even worth discussing.

its like 4:30 now. and i think im going to try to sleep. or read. or something that gets me away from the computer. becuase im thinking too much now. about nothing which ive typed above, which is in itself hilarious to me. but yeah. i have a feeling come tomorrow morning i'll type out a lot of stuff im thinking about that really doesnt have to do with any of the aforementioned dude or weather.



January 5th, 2006 (02:52 am)
current song: we are the championz!!!

incase you missed it:
USC lost. matt leinhart was a sore loser. reggie bush was an asshole. VY got MVP, discovered the cure for cancer, cleared the national deficit, and won the game.
while rescuing the neighbors cat from a tree, and teaching children to read.
with his eyes closed.

but thats all in a days work for a NATIONAL CHAMP!

clearly. any asshole who said texas was the underdog for today's game. was a complete chatch. and an ignorant one at that. the last few minutes of the game were so intense and great. oh god. the game was absolutely amazing. i cannot express how freaking happy&nbsp;and proud that i am of VY &amp; El Mockingbird! and Paige! hahaha i saw her crazy ass on tv about 3 times! yes yes. i sold out.. but i am so so so so so so excited at this point. this is about the happiest ive been in the last few weeks. so good. it was so close. usc, good game.. but yeah. this&nbsp; makes me think of how lots of older college sports players turned into&nbsp;little league dad type people have all these stories about when "they played" etc etc. and im almost positive that this story will definitely be one to go down in their memories. again, i am so proud of everyone on that team. this whole year has been amazing. and im glad ive been a part of it.

holy frick. this is the best thing that has happened in such a long time.
this is my real christmas present.
and its finally the new year.

so this is the new year

January 1st, 2006 (02:07 am)
current mood: i dont even know
current song: death cab. of course.

we are now officially two hours and ten minutes into 2006 and i have now received two 'drunk dials'.
too bad the only calls ive made over the new years holiday thus far have been CRUNK dials.
crunk warz05 will continue into 06. its already happened.
cheers to 2006!

my new years eve night was spent with scenesters that had nobody to kiss when the ball dropped and with bands that had noplace better to be. driver friendly was hilarious. im sort of glad i went to that. haha whatever. (look at juan. its almost a 'suck it' classic motion)

"omg! the last person you hugged in 2005 was tyler welsh!"
yes yes yes. whatever. it was a pretty okay show. besides the mic. and keyboard. and a few other minor difficulties. hahaha this reminds me of alaska before. becuase i would never say they sucked (besides that one time in conroe. holy shit. that was horrible. charlieeee)

so now that its officially 2006, lets talk about 2005 behind its back. there were so many great things that happened in 05. especially my phase of labeling everything "___05!" but besides that, there was much more.

two.thousand.and.five. was all about:
sparkelers. fireworks. family. dick clark wasnt even there. sicko. The-fucking-OC. holy mac. this has stuck with me from 03 and will never burn out until it goes into a 'saved by the bell: college days' type deal. i met so many new people/actually developed friendships with many. sara boeding. natalie davilia. aaron sternick. jason wright. marshall walker. max max and co-b(i guess that was 2004 too, though). limbeck boys.mostly robb y patrick. jenny meyer. heather phillips. quite a few broken bones. owning tony hawk. went to so many shows. big ones were death cab and std. also good ones- minus the bear (a few times), bear vs shark, fob w/ diamonds in the sky small show, coheed, mcs, nft, blood bros, etid, and the i enjoy comp release was one of the greatest/most hilarious things ever witnessed and i think i got chills because i was proud. also said goodbye to bands. tguk, northstar, bear vs shark, hey merc, and rhinoshit and alaska iz 4 shit. haha god. waiting in line for like 9 hours for STAR WARS. holy shit. realizing i love ethan durelle. and paul wall. high school is crazy. lots of people graduated in 05. lots of people moved. freaking Nanga. california. and vegas. i got bangs again. warped tour. buzzfest05 with stephanie. patrick s. at the mall hilarity. met ben gibbard. 'paul wall inspirational quotes of the day'05 began. saw death cab. legally able to go see rated r movies/whatever else 17 yr olds can do. had people stick up for me, and it was really nice. pretty bad times. and pretty cool times. savestheday with natalie. birthday show blowout with hgb and close to 1000 of my closest friends. or not so much. songs about iguanas. and i forgot albums. shit. there were so many albums released in 05 that were so huge for me. plans. menos el oso. and this 'monster ballads' cd they keep playing on an infomercial has got to be the most hilariously great thing of 2005 for sure.

i had another entry i wrote, and had it private because i never finished. but i believe someone else has basically done the job for me. there are so many things to come in 2006 that i think are going to be amazing. maybe not 'best year of my life' but i think it will be so close. i already have so many things im looking forward to. so many shows. so many albums being released. most things im looking forward to are musicially related BESIDES this one thing.. i sort of grew up in 05, so 06 i have a full year to follow through. with what im saying? no. but 2006 is about friendships. and so far. so good.

i am suprised, actually, that i havent plastered 'the new year lyrics' all the hell over the place. but that song, lets do a cut to the lyrics, because it really does sum up everything better than anything i could ever say.

coby. lies. this was the away msg. pfft.Collapse )

live live, no rules.

hey. its 4:20. im an idiot.. heres a survey..

December 28th, 2005 (04:20 am)

Who was the last person...
where'd 1-9 go?
10. You talked to? Robb
11. You hugged? Broseph
12. You instant messaged? PetahZeChetah
13. You are missing? Oy humbug! Id have to say. Im not sure.
14. you called? Mi Madre
15. You yelled at? Mom
16. You laughed with? Stephanie
17. Who broke your heart? I havent the slightest clue..
18. Who told you they loved you? MALLORY! hahaha. Totally conserv.
19. Who was the last person that kissed you? Ugh
20. Have a Birthmark? Heup. On my left arm.
21. Have any piercings? Ears
23. Own your own house? No, but eventually I'd like to.
24. Own a nice car? 1993 STOCK Honda Accord. It was my grandpa's.
25. Speak any languages other than english? spanish, sort of.
26. Cook your own Dinner? almost always
27. color your hair? Nope.
28. Have green eyes? Never.
29. Stolen anything? Your bootie. Or not.
30. Smoked? ..What?
31. Taken drugs? ..Like pills?
32. Obsessive? Probably.
33. Shot a gun? Yes. A gun of soft air and a gun of paint.
34. Done something illegal? You got it, dude.
35. Panic? At the Disco?
36. Anxiety? Oh yeh. Sometimes.
37. Depressed? Id say no. But some would say otherwise.
38. Control Freak? Not even close. HAHAHA almost the complete opposite.
39. Obsessed with hate? No way, Jose.

40. If you were a cartoon character, what would you be like? Lame.
41. If you could be anywhere, where would it be and with who? Everywhere with the one person it couldn't be.
42. Can you do anything freakish with your body? Im 'double jointed'. Its pretty gross.
43. What feature do you find most attractive on girls/guys? I dont even know.
44. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? Depends on who.
45. Would you marry for money? No.
46. Have you had braces? Negative.
47. Do you wear lip gloss? Usually go for chapstick but gloss with get the job done.
48. Do you sing in the shower? Do i flail in the car?
49. Do you play any sports? Yep.
50. Could you live without a computer? Either if i never had one.. or everyone else also didnt have one.
51. Do you use AOL, MSN, Yahoo? AIM/tried MSN/email @ Yahoo
52. If so, how many people are on your list? ...way lots.
53. If you could live in any past, where would it be? I probably wouldnt. I dont know. Thats ridiculous.
54. Do you wear white socks? I usually dont wear socks.
55. Do you wear shoes? If im going somewhere public.
56. What is your favorite fruit? Either a pear or an orange.
57. Do you eat wheat bread or white? Im a breadavore; so either or. (Yes, that did rhyme. and i am a poet and totally know it)
58. What is your favorite place to visit? The crawlspace of cozy suburban homes.
59. Fav DVD? Hmm, i just watched i heart huckabees. Its definitely one of my favs, for sure.
60. wierd kids.. Whats the question?
61. Are you photogenic? Sometimes.
62. Do you dream in color or black and white? Id assume color.
63. What are you wearing right now? Yellow tshirt & jeans
64. Do you eat a lot of fruit? Sort of... whats a lot?
65. Do you have dimples? All over the damn place. I dont know..
66. Do you remember being born? Its something i dont think i could ever forget.
67. Why do you take surveys? Because, i guess now its technically early in the morning and everyone is asleep.
68. Do you drink alcohol? This is not something to be answered via interweb survey.
69. Do you like high school? I didnt hate it.
70. What is the best accent? Foreign. I dont know. I suppose a true english accent is cool.
72. Do you like sunsets? Of course. Only the anti-christ would dislike sunsets.
73. Do you want to live to be 100? Not so much.
74. If not, why? It depends on the condition im in. I dont want to be old and sick or anything.
75. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? Once. At this girls birthday party in like 3rd grade.
76. Are you loyal? Yes.. I really do value the people im friends with.
77. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs? Most definitely.
78. Is music your life? In every way, shape, and form.
79. Do you like scary movies? Depends on who im with/where i am but usually, im okay with them.
80. Do you think you can draw well? I cant even draw a real circle.
81. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? Ah yes, I think i was 8 or 9
82. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? Too many.
83. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday? I alternate between the same, eh, 4 pairs.
84. Do you write poetry? When i feel like shit.
85. Snore? Im almost positive i dont, but i dont really know.
86. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? Front, back, side to side... I dont know, I fall asleep when im lying on my back.
87. Do you like Cats/Dogs? I love dogs. Im starting to warm up to cats, though.
88. Do you lick stamps? When i have to send something.
89. Do you use an electric can opener? Not usually.
90. Have you ridden in a hot air balloon? Yes.
91. Like your name? Yeah. I do. Hahaha.
92. Were you named after anyone? My mom said my (full) name was all put together so it would sound 'presidential'..but Ali came from The Greatest. Thats a lie, its from an actress. Good story though...This deserves attention...

I was so close to being named Brandy Alexandra. WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING. My dad loved that friggin barry manalow song and yeah, alexandra stuck. but Brandy Alexander is an alcoholic drink and thats lovely..ok back to survey..

93. Do you wish on stars? If its shooting, your goddamn right i do.
94. Which finger is your favorite? Theres no right answer to that.
95. When did you last cry? Christmas eve.
96. What is your favorite band? Definitely Creed or Linkin Park
97. Who do you admire? Myself and everyone that admires themselves.
98. What is the #1 priority in your life? Trying to grow up.
99. What is your favorite day of the week? I like them all for different reasons. I am so cheesy.

i was going to save this update for when i had pictures to load...

December 27th, 2005 (01:09 pm)
current song: c-shy....i know. i know.

basically these last few weeks have composed of: shows, christmas, and friends.

so whats say you, and all your friends, get this shit done.
recently this is what good has happened to me. christmas and all.
i'll put pictures up whenever i get a new usb cable.
see also: hopefully today.

1. ive seen some badical shows. aka- about iguanas. and their masturbation. aka-cshy. aka-1977. aka-etc. etc.

2. right now, itunes kicked into full gear with matchbox20-disease. which is f-ing great. remember that one? its good. so i have a totally bitchin itunes set up now.

3. ive meet a few new cool people. not naming names, mostly cause i cant really remember...BUT THEY WERE GR8. trust me.

4. ive taken rock n roll to a whole new level. also car flailing and dashboard/steering wheel keyboard. like im talking, mick jagger would be a little bit intimidated. oh god. i just noticed this..
mick jagger. ty dagger. just say it. its sort of funny. im calling him mick from now on. so just deal with it. and step back. embrace that shit.

5. actually, in all honesty, i sort of grew up a little bit. not really much. okay..anyways, just the fact that im starting to realize i can only make myself content and that i cant always rely on others around me to do the job. plus, sometimes things have to end for a reason and im starting to be as okay with it as i think ill ever be.

6. okay soooo um...LFO- SUMMER FREAKING GIRLS just came on itunes. and again, i must say. this thing is trained to bring the shit. like really. lets calm down. but its so glorious.

*the real 6. i think ive sworn more over the last few weeks than i have in my entire life. i dont know if thats good or not. probably not..

7. i have amazing friends. truly, i do. but somehow i managed to perfect my skillz in making fun of them/embarassing them, each in their own subtle way. and its magnificent.

i think thats about it. but you get the picture, or you DONT. because my camera is being a huge chatch.

anyways christmas. was nice..r than i expected. i said i was going to update with christmas and such but truth be told, im sort of tired and stephanie and i are going to best buy at 3. so maybe a nap is in order? doubtful but i will probably try. also i need to eat lunch and shit so thatd probably be important too. hahaha god that was so lame and pointless.

ali invites you to: come feel the illinoise.

most annoying

December 14th, 2005 (02:26 am)
current song: sigur.ros.

i swear. if i hear the word 'NANGA' one more time tonight, im going to throw up then maybe try to jump off my roof.
but about that, i will write tomorrow. most likely. becuase im going to try to sleep esta noche.

i watched ice skating today. being out of school really opens doors and windows of oppertunity (and also different and new ways to waste my time.) the ice was more like water, and those commentators (mostly the women folk) were all 'OH PRACTICE PRACTICE MORE BLAH!' (ive used lots of ()'s in this little blurb) but that just proves the fact that (commentator) bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks.

i had the weirdest dream right before i woke up from my slumber. aka nap. it involved minus the bear and bear vs shark and how im taking over the world one bear at a time. or something like that. that was a lie, but the music i was listening to were of the mtb/bear vs shark variety.

i think im going to go watch some OC : season 2 style and attempt to sleep off the past 5 or 6 days.

ooh, happy thing, lots of kiddos i miss are coming home tomorrow. im excited. i havent seen some of these slutwhores since august. itll be nice.

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