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December 13th, 2005 (04:07 am)

i hope that you dont expect me to follow through with what im saying. cuase im so dead from losing sleep that i need a bed..more than i need any of you.

std05!!!: part deux

December 8th, 2005 (01:24 am)
current song: ringing of my ears.

i am officially dunzo with school for this semester, most likely this year in general.
im glad im a "smarty pants"
..or smart enough to do credit by exam.
boo and yah.

today was really boring though. i didnt do much of anything at all besides meet with a lawyer, eat chinese food in belaire, and...HOLY SHIT. OMGZ. SAVES THE DAY!!!
i went with natalie. i have missed her. we're such bamfs.
but the best part, is when we had to throw the breaks on in the bronco...
and it made that hideous noise.

and i laughed so hard i:
a) choked
b) snoted myself
c) cried
d) wanted to 'pee pee' all over myself

okay anyways, so std's houston show was tonight. and might is say
excellent job boys.
nearly flawless set. and it was the same set list as it was in austin.
exact same. and they went on last again.

auditory sexCollapse )

but before,amazing drummer dude. i admire the hell out of him. hes good. way to go emmz. youre not my type of band but it was entertaining to say the least...and your hxc fans are amazingly awesome.


the early november.
really good set. well organized, and well played.
something that produces results.
my fav from them. totally a part of the good set.

and then we have, the one, the only:

now, lets discuss one thing. ive gone through my phase of loving them.
i burned their cd like a year ago. and memorized every word to every one of their songs.
and i also basically knew every song they recorded in general.
but their show was frigging hilarious and awesome. I THOUGHT IT WAS FANTASTIC.
lead dude made me laugh a lot. jew power. hells to the yes.
they played everything i wanted, except for nj falls. but they made it up with bloody romance. which i swear,
i forgot how amazing i thought that song was. and how excited i get when i hear the first note of the guitar. agh!

dont you judge me.

i might be going to bed before 2 tonight. and by that, i mean at probably lay on the couch and read or something.
i didnt sleep one bit last night, and i only took a "nap" in the car this morning and it wasnt long,
because sugar were going down was still on the radio. only it was at the end. so i had probably 2 minutes and 30 some odd seconds of sleep.

last christmas i gave you my heart,
and it was laced with lies and teenage treason,

ps- i really do like the oc. end of story. and full house! I WATCHED FULL HOUSE AT LIKE 5 THIS MORNING! IN YOUR FACE! and ohhh god, saved by the bell. QUALITY TV at its finest.

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December 5th, 2005 (04:12 am)
current song: std. of course.

omgz. im about to go lay down or something cause its like 4 in the AM but seriously, look at this, and find the joy in it that i would like to call marshall being crazy and i think sarcastic (oh, my wishful thinking):

   ::the following takes place at 2 AM or something via AIM and made me want to laugh and cry at the same time::

marshall: yeah preetty much
becauseiletyou: hah i didnt know that. i was suposed to go to that show at happy happy fun land or whatever the heck the place is called but suposedly this is the last show so yah
marshall: the eastern sea show?
becauseiletyou: ha yah i think hes playing
marshall: yeah
marshall: and the wolf
marshall: I think you are totally crushing on walker

^there is where it began (the rest can basically be summed up in the phrase "what to the hell" and is so full of my sarcasm its not even funny. damn my partial jewishness.)

and my commentary on above "totally crushing", i am first taken aback that marshall was caught using this phrase and second...come now. lets think about this.

becauseiletyou: yeah chris dnunz is playing too i belive
becauseiletyou: hahah woo yes. you caught me.
         (clearly sarcasm on my part...)
marshall: I knew it!
becauseiletyou: hahahah omgz. wow
becauseiletyou: youre being sarcastic right? please, for the love of god tell me youre being sarcastic
marshall: maybe
marshall: you know you like him
becauseiletyou: hahahah
becauseiletyou: of course. duhxcore! i so luv walker lyke woah.
marshall: becauseiletyou: of course. duhxcore! i so luv walker lyke woah.
marshall: thats going all over myspace

that still makes me laugh when reading it.

look out for the phrase "of course. duhxcore! i so luv walker lyke woah."

in other news:

that means std-austin is tonight.
then wednesday is the show in houston.
i am soso excited.
std is honestly one of my favorite bands of all time.

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December 4th, 2005 (08:39 pm)
current song: jumping off shit is so 2005...change your ways boy

before the madness continues...

what to the hell just happened?
there was jumping off of things far too tall to jump off.
there were bass guitars getting thrown towards vegans.
there was a hat that should have been too small to cover a babies head but managed to cover good 'ol patty mcstumph's eyes
and there was a jews underwear. of the brief/(maybe)boxer brief variety.

"expect big"
what the shit.

peter, i predict you actually hurt your ankle somewhat badly but didnt care. how rock n' roll of you.
patrick, where the mother fuck is your hair?
jewbro, get a belt for your girl pants. (preferably a white one. the kids will still accept a white belt with girl pants)
andy, i dont know. you didnt do anything dumb. way to go. keep not eating meat. fight the system.


omg how qt could that lj banner be?!

December 3rd, 2005 (10:44 pm)
current song: saves the day

seriouuuusssly! its addorable! today has been alllll about the holidays since i woke up. i put up obnoxious amounts of xmas lights in my front yard and didnt touch the inside. i dont feel motivated anymore. gah! holiday hooby whatty. whatever. moving on:

this time like 3 years ago i was seeing the ataris for the first time. and then
like dec. 4th is totally when i saw tbs, tsl, and northstar for the first time.
and other people.
i cant remember.

i just looked, and im writing this at 12:51 AM however the time deal says 10:44, so that must have been when my compy restarted. coooool.
speaking of 10:44,
i missed fuckin DANE COOK on snl tonight.
i could die.

i was too busy being patrick "stump".
or adam lazara.
or um...the clints.
we wont talk about that. it was priceless though.

tonight was really laid back. didnt do much of anything.
drove around with heather. almost went to a show at rayford.
but my morals wouldnt allow it.

then we went to conroe. i bought me some sufjan. WOO! im excited.
still optimistic. the titles of these songs are ridonkulously gr8. i have high hopes..(remember that kids song?? hes got hiiiiiighhh hopes?? what the hell is that from?)
ill probably listen to the cd tomorrow, which i have dedicated sufjan sunday.
expect my form of a review come monday or something.

i need new make up.
that sounds completely girly, but its true. i just need new stuff.
also: be delicious. i think it smells really really good and i want to buy some.

yesterday i watched the hgb dvd. and i love it.
i think all four of them are horribly retarded and insane,
but thats what makes me adore them more than i thought possible.
...and also crave oreos. damn you forrest.

i have so much physics to do by tomorrow. i hope i understand and can teach myself.
i am so "angst"y about going back to the woodlands next semmy. its january, people already have their friends, and
i am so worried about lunch.
i will drive myself into a ditch or a tree or something if its too bad.

i hope to god i hope to god for one more chance i hope to god for one more chance for one more i hope to god i hope to god i hope to god for one more chance for one more chance for one more chance
          and i got it.

dont count me out

December 2nd, 2005 (01:33 am)
current song: std

you toss and turn, i lie awake.

people should keep to themselves.
im okay. trust me. (no reference to mcr was intended)
i render myself speechless...

well here i amCollapse )

i cannot wait until its offically christmas break and everyones home and can come and make asses of themselves in my neighborhood. or the competition neighborhood.

i never really know how to feel about telling people more about myself.
its like i need a walk in closet for all the skeletons i have.
tonight is all about the bemisxcore. and i dont know how to feel about the fact that we understand eachother. i think its good. at least i can explain shit and he understands it. thats excellent for me, at least.

i really just want to sleep at this point. get some nice warm tea and honey for my throat and just lay on the floor or the couch and watch fresh prince of bel air. heup. that sounds good.

some of this is funny. although a majority could be a waste of time. at least read the last one. hellz yes.Collapse )

deathbed thursday and birthday extravangza

December 1st, 2005 (05:08 pm)
current mood: getting clever-er.
current song: something that produces results (my fav)

eep! i do. yah.

i cant believe its december.
school went okay. everyones really nice to me.
i saw lots of people. administrators are too almost too kind.
people are "lost without me". without me, everyone made me feel like it really was just aweso.
the second half of the above line is extremely childish. but it was true. (suckas.)

my progress report
el complete
CRAP. i mean, come the hell on. i was at school for like, one WEEK. of course i missed a lot.
i made up a physics test today. that probably kicked my ass. i wish iwas still in class were it was always a group effort.
i hope someone can help me as far as physics goes. either that or that shall be taken next semmy, cause i have no idearrrr

the official celebrations regarding christmas begin in 23 dias. i need a stupid new bag for school. maybe.

"oh. im so sorry"
hahah omg like i dont even care.

but i do miss those OC parties we used to have like. 2 yrs ago. those were the shit. also texas hold'em. oh jeeze. im slipping.
i think im going to get my hair cut. probably just a trim. and fix the bangs. tomorrow. hellz yes.

today is my madres birthday. id rather not even speak about my mom at this point. whatever. i am so much more of an adult than a child than a 17 year old should ever be. its sort of sickening. in a sense. but on the other hand. it just proves i am more intelegent than 90% of the adults i have encountered over the last couple years.

HAPPY NOTE: duddeeeee johhhnnnn happppyyyy biiiirrrthhhhdddayyyyy! everyone should be happy about that. and laugh. har har har.

i have lots to do tonight. dance. watch the oc (alone. gah). plan my xmas indoor decor. maybe call my mom. care i do not. mmm. physics. this list might come in handy later when my mind has completely shifted into oc mentality. ohh i need to go shopping tomorrow. i want cute outfits. maybe just a few shirts. from anthro. and maybe urban if it doesnt look like every other crack whore in the woodlands will have the same stuff. maybe ill go with natalie tomorrow night. i miss her. and everyone else at school. dont cry for me, dont dont.

i am sorry for saying "fuck if i know". i think that came off more rude than i expected. wowza. i should work on some stuff.

that girl's got woe. woah.

November 29th, 2005 (05:57 pm)

im wearing my SA shirt right now. i like it. still after having it for like, a few months, is still all soft and nicey nice. i talked to max bemxcore (my new name for him to despise with all his soul), and he seems well. well well well. what do we have here.


i cant find my jacket. NOT THE HP ONE, OHHHH BOY I STILL GOT THAT SON OF A BITCH! but this blue-ish hoodie zip up deal, i cannot find it for the life of me. i have looked in ever area of my home. attic? checked it. ex. room? checked it. muzak room? checked that sucka. i really hope i find it.

i should write more later when im all here.

lets go eat dinner together. someone call.

and dance and dance and dance and dance dance

November 27th, 2005 (02:23 am)
current song: if you dont dont

                this is my brain.

okay. first off. how many gd episodes of next does mtv have archived. seriously. holy shit. there are like ten thousand which have been playing since like 11 PM. damn mtv, i wish you didnt suck more. theyve been playing a lot of comercials for GoF too. im probably going to break down and see that again. i have started this at 2:23 AM. and i am curious as to when this will be completed. onward.

tonight thus far has been good. no complaints. jenny, heather, y dustin came and visited. hilarious. the mall was insane. i hate the mall normally. but it was "holiday shopping madness, duh". which made me hate it more. so we were like I DANCE JUST LIKE A DREAM or not. but we went around, i kept wanting to leave, we finally did. went to sonic. then "wanna go to tyler's house...no....i was kidding" then i think we actually went to market street. where i wanted to die. JENNY BOUGHT ME SPIN! HAH WOO! um yeah, the pictures with the article were good. made me smile. hats 4 lyfe!

im not really sure what else we all did.
i know i fucking did the power stance in the parking lot.
it felt good. hahah or not.

we sat in parking lots and danced. and shit.
jenny y dustin left. then heather came over and watched the drive thru dvd.
highlight: hellogoodbye. um. they stole my heart with that. "i had no need for the beday. i just took a shower, which is like a beday, only you dont sit down..but this was a spacious shower, with a seat and everything, not like a beday, but there were um..adjustable nozzles for the water, so its like a beday."

it is now 5:34 AM.
             this is my brain on drugs.
from there on, my night consisted of listening to band 'demos', because i am the "local band queen" and whatnots of that nature. DN YOU ARE A G. "do you like that sound, its like a CHICKA WA WA WAHHHH" i did like it. infact, loved it. good song. lets see how many times i can use "quotations" in this paragraph. we ate "parsta" otherwise known by normal people as pasta. "I JUST WANNA WAKE UP" that had nothing to do with anything that happened tonight but im listening to that song and i associate it with a specfic day.

its sunday. technically. i suppose.

im sort of tired. i think im going to go finish watching garden st8 though. i really enjoy this movie. every time.

in someone elses...arms.


November 26th, 2005 (04:54 pm)

i like dude wheres my car

i dont like much else right now.