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why is the weather so damn beautiful?!

January 11th, 2006 (01:46 pm)
current mood: sort of, well, pretty good.
current song: tone loc- wild thing... or not. or maybe its northstar.

like holy crap. today is such a georgous day! i wish i was just sitting outside and soaking up the...sun (what? sheryl crow? you bet.) but it really is so nice. i bet its not over 70 and completely clear skies! gah! i love this sort of weather. its funny thought because my dad and i went up to the club earlier and we saw people on the range and teeing off that were wearing like sweaters and this one dude was wearing corduroy pants. hahah come onnnn people! thats why texas is funny though, i guess.
i feel like such a complete fatass right now. i just ate quiznos for lunch and omg that was so good. good call dad. (today was like fathers day out, if you didnt guess it already.) ((speaking of days out... remember in like elementry school when there were those 'take your child to work' days?? those were so awesome! i went to enron once, and got lots of free crap. i still have that. this is so besides the point. but thats okay. but yeah...shouldnt high school kids have those type of days? because itd make a lot more sense--i mean, think about it..or not. whatevs)) speaking of whatevs- thats a whole other story.. but yeah anyways lunch was delish. and then we went to wal-mart where my dad bought one of those symphony bars. which was good. another reason i feel like a complete fatass is becuase between my dad and i, after the sandwich, put away like half of that bar. grossss. but good. mostly gross though.
then we came home and i think hes about to go finally put the leaves i raked up into a garbage can. or something. i actually like raking leaves. in some weird way its fun. as long as i have my mp3 player. it doesnt bother me at all. it sort of takes my mind off things, where i can focus on one thing at a time. or something like that. i might go out there, but i feel so lazy. i want to take a nap so so so bad but i want to actually try to go to sleep at a somewhat normal time so i can wake up tomorrow morning and be, well, somewhat effective. i hate when i sleep days away. the night time is so boring. i mean, if you've seen one night, you've seen them all. but in the daytime its much more interesting. oh well.
tonight i think i am going to dinner with jackie, stephanie, sara...maybe paul, shawana, jessica...i dont know who else would go. we might go to jasper's i think. which is ridiculous. and i think i have actually mentioned this in a post before, ironically enough, as one place i would never pay to eat at. not because its disgusting or anything, but its this 'swanky' (yeah. it said swanky in the paper's review of jasper's) little restraunt in market square. its fairly new. across 'central park' from TB's. ugh market square. i hate thee. anyways it says its like 'backyard cooking' or something along those same incrediably lame lines. but, and now im not sure but i assume, it is overpriced and not like any backyard cooking i have ever had. regardless, the company will make up for it. i probably wont eat anyways. i hate going out with friends and doing that sort of shit. aka-i dont know exactly what i mean. but mostly having to go out and feel like its some sort of competition of who can get the best meal. or who spends the most. where as i dont mind paying for meals and crap but i dont like to go and be like "YES! I PAID 25 DOLLARS FOR A FUCKING BURGER! YESSS! I WIN!" becuase to be honest, i dont care.
that made like NO sense whatsoever. but yeah. anyways i think im going to try to find an mp3 player thats charged and then go outside and not worry, and be happy.

who's full of lame-ass lyrics? oh it must be,