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hey! hey! life with no phone rox!...sarcasm...

January 9th, 2006 (04:03 pm)
current song: hot cocoa...mmmm. thats not music. whatever.

i don't feel like being dumb and giddy about things so lets lay down the facts of life (today):

1. i have a weird hair-cut now
2. my dad is pissed to almighty hell becuase i didn't tell them i didnt like the haircut...wtf i dont know...
3. my phone is broken. so call, leave a voice mail or something, especially leave your numbers. JUST IN CASE. im really hoping its not bad or anything and...
becauseiletyou: i really hope my phone is okay
alive with love: it isssssssssss
becauseiletyou: okay
becauseiletyou: if its not, ill cry like a bitch whale.
alive with love: hahahahahahahahaha
becauseiletyou: and blame you for every shitty thing that has ever happened to me
alive with love: alksdjfiajw

so lets talk about one thing: television and the shitty shows i love.
(i typed that sentence like. whenever ago. it is now 11:43 pm and have other things on my mind.)

so my phone is HEALED! i am so excited. and happy. and glad. and all that crap.

i have also recently returned from a completely unexpected 'mars-hall' adventure. it started off when him, sarah, and vaughn came over to leave off flyers for tomorrow night's show. then we talked outside for a long while. something was said, marshall acted like he was leaving, went around the block or something while vaughn, sarah, and i walked down to cul de sac and marshall came back. somehow ended up with us riding on the roof/hood/etc of the car and then jumping in after a while. but when i figured i would go home, oh no, we ended up at market street listening to something and riding around the parking garage. then back at marshall's house. where we watched family guy. i honestly think marshall's mom is glorious. she makes me smile. and makes good fudge. anyways we hung around there, sarah and i got on myspace, you know how it goes, then i came homeee. important note, marshall's breaks are complete crap. slamming on the breaks does absolutely nothing that you would expect. heather--remember when we were driving around those few times, and the wheel was jerking becuase of us slowly moving off road...well...you'd be glad to know the wheel is really hard to turn also. so thats comforting. also the speedometer doesnt work. at all. we're always going nowhere.

anyways, regardless, it was fun. i enjoy their company.

tomorrow night there is a show at rayford rd comm center
-The angelus
-This will destroy you
-Mechanical Boy
-Fulton Read

its $6 and starts at 7.
JENNY, HEATHER, AND DUSTIN i especially want to see you guys there. cmon' now. you know it'll be fun.

now im going to go watch a disc of the oc. and probably end up writing more in here laterrr. cause im that cool.


Posted by: alive_with_love (alive_with_love)
Posted at: January 11th, 2006 02:16 am (UTC)

Too bad I just now read this. Plus...Dustin and I probably couldn't have gone because our family is poor and I have school.
You'd be proud of me becuase I've been to first BOTH days this week. AND! I've done my homework everynight. AMAZING. People DO change Limbeck! People DO change!!!
I want to see your haircut Ali. We have to hang out again soon. And more often?
Today I was driving down the road and Becca jumped on my hood and then jumped off and I ran over her foot. Hahaha. I'm obviously not as graceful as yall. No worries...she's not hurt though.

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