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January 5th, 2006 (02:52 am)
current song: we are the championz!!!

incase you missed it:
USC lost. matt leinhart was a sore loser. reggie bush was an asshole. VY got MVP, discovered the cure for cancer, cleared the national deficit, and won the game.
while rescuing the neighbors cat from a tree, and teaching children to read.
with his eyes closed.

but thats all in a days work for a NATIONAL CHAMP!

clearly. any asshole who said texas was the underdog for today's game. was a complete chatch. and an ignorant one at that. the last few minutes of the game were so intense and great. oh god. the game was absolutely amazing. i cannot express how freaking happy and proud that i am of VY & El Mockingbird! and Paige! hahaha i saw her crazy ass on tv about 3 times! yes yes. i sold out.. but i am so so so so so so excited at this point. this is about the happiest ive been in the last few weeks. so good. it was so close. usc, good game.. but yeah. this  makes me think of how lots of older college sports players turned into little league dad type people have all these stories about when "they played" etc etc. and im almost positive that this story will definitely be one to go down in their memories. again, i am so proud of everyone on that team. this whole year has been amazing. and im glad ive been a part of it.

holy frick. this is the best thing that has happened in such a long time.
this is my real christmas present.
and its finally the new year.