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so this is the new year

January 1st, 2006 (02:07 am)
current mood: i dont even know
current song: death cab. of course.

we are now officially two hours and ten minutes into 2006 and i have now received two 'drunk dials'.
too bad the only calls ive made over the new years holiday thus far have been CRUNK dials.
crunk warz05 will continue into 06. its already happened.
cheers to 2006!

my new years eve night was spent with scenesters that had nobody to kiss when the ball dropped and with bands that had noplace better to be. driver friendly was hilarious. im sort of glad i went to that. haha whatever. (look at juan. its almost a 'suck it' classic motion)

"omg! the last person you hugged in 2005 was tyler welsh!"
yes yes yes. whatever. it was a pretty okay show. besides the mic. and keyboard. and a few other minor difficulties. hahaha this reminds me of alaska before. becuase i would never say they sucked (besides that one time in conroe. holy shit. that was horrible. charlieeee)

so now that its officially 2006, lets talk about 2005 behind its back. there were so many great things that happened in 05. especially my phase of labeling everything "___05!" but besides that, there was much more.

two.thousand.and.five. was all about:
sparkelers. fireworks. family. dick clark wasnt even there. sicko. The-fucking-OC. holy mac. this has stuck with me from 03 and will never burn out until it goes into a 'saved by the bell: college days' type deal. i met so many new people/actually developed friendships with many. sara boeding. natalie davilia. aaron sternick. jason wright. marshall walker. max max and co-b(i guess that was 2004 too, though). limbeck boys.mostly robb y patrick. jenny meyer. heather phillips. quite a few broken bones. owning tony hawk. went to so many shows. big ones were death cab and std. also good ones- minus the bear (a few times), bear vs shark, fob w/ diamonds in the sky small show, coheed, mcs, nft, blood bros, etid, and the i enjoy comp release was one of the greatest/most hilarious things ever witnessed and i think i got chills because i was proud. also said goodbye to bands. tguk, northstar, bear vs shark, hey merc, and rhinoshit and alaska iz 4 shit. haha god. waiting in line for like 9 hours for STAR WARS. holy shit. realizing i love ethan durelle. and paul wall. high school is crazy. lots of people graduated in 05. lots of people moved. freaking Nanga. california. and vegas. i got bangs again. warped tour. buzzfest05 with stephanie. patrick s. at the mall hilarity. met ben gibbard. 'paul wall inspirational quotes of the day'05 began. saw death cab. legally able to go see rated r movies/whatever else 17 yr olds can do. had people stick up for me, and it was really nice. pretty bad times. and pretty cool times. savestheday with natalie. birthday show blowout with hgb and close to 1000 of my closest friends. or not so much. songs about iguanas. and i forgot albums. shit. there were so many albums released in 05 that were so huge for me. plans. menos el oso. and this 'monster ballads' cd they keep playing on an infomercial has got to be the most hilariously great thing of 2005 for sure.

i had another entry i wrote, and had it private because i never finished. but i believe someone else has basically done the job for me. there are so many things to come in 2006 that i think are going to be amazing. maybe not 'best year of my life' but i think it will be so close. i already have so many things im looking forward to. so many shows. so many albums being released. most things im looking forward to are musicially related BESIDES this one thing.. i sort of grew up in 05, so 06 i have a full year to follow through. with what im saying? no. but 2006 is about friendships. and so far. so good.

i am suprised, actually, that i havent plastered 'the new year lyrics' all the hell over the place. but that song, lets do a cut to the lyrics, because it really does sum up everything better than anything i could ever say.

so this is the new year.
and i don't feel any different.
the clanking of crystal
explosions off in the distance (in the distance).

so this is the new year
and I have no resolutions
for selfl assigned penance
for problems with easy solutions

so everybody put your best suit or dress on
let's make believe that we are wealthy for just this once
lighting firecrackers off on the front lawn
as thirty dialogues bleed into one

i wish the world was flat like the old days
then i could travel just by folding a map
no more airplanes, or speedtrains, or freeways
there'd be no distance that can hold us back.

there'd be no distance that could hold us back (x2)

so this is the new year (x like 4 i think?..)

live live, no rules.