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i was going to save this update for when i had pictures to load...

December 27th, 2005 (01:09 pm)
current song: c-shy....i know. i know.

basically these last few weeks have composed of: shows, christmas, and friends.

so whats say you, and all your friends, get this shit done.
recently this is what good has happened to me. christmas and all.
i'll put pictures up whenever i get a new usb cable.
see also: hopefully today.

1. ive seen some badical shows. aka- about iguanas. and their masturbation. aka-cshy. aka-1977. aka-etc. etc.

2. right now, itunes kicked into full gear with matchbox20-disease. which is f-ing great. remember that one? its good. so i have a totally bitchin itunes set up now.

3. ive meet a few new cool people. not naming names, mostly cause i cant really remember...BUT THEY WERE GR8. trust me.

4. ive taken rock n roll to a whole new level. also car flailing and dashboard/steering wheel keyboard. like im talking, mick jagger would be a little bit intimidated. oh god. i just noticed this..
mick jagger. ty dagger. just say it. its sort of funny. im calling him mick from now on. so just deal with it. and step back. embrace that shit.

5. actually, in all honesty, i sort of grew up a little bit. not really much. okay..anyways, just the fact that im starting to realize i can only make myself content and that i cant always rely on others around me to do the job. plus, sometimes things have to end for a reason and im starting to be as okay with it as i think ill ever be.

6. okay soooo um...LFO- SUMMER FREAKING GIRLS just came on itunes. and again, i must say. this thing is trained to bring the shit. like really. lets calm down. but its so glorious.

*the real 6. i think ive sworn more over the last few weeks than i have in my entire life. i dont know if thats good or not. probably not..

7. i have amazing friends. truly, i do. but somehow i managed to perfect my skillz in making fun of them/embarassing them, each in their own subtle way. and its magnificent.

i think thats about it. but you get the picture, or you DONT. because my camera is being a huge chatch.

anyways christmas. was nice..r than i expected. i said i was going to update with christmas and such but truth be told, im sort of tired and stephanie and i are going to best buy at 3. so maybe a nap is in order? doubtful but i will probably try. also i need to eat lunch and shit so thatd probably be important too. hahaha god that was so lame and pointless.

ali invites you to: come feel the illinoise.